Visualization long title truncated?

Visualization title have ellipsis() applied and when title is too long, users can't read the complete title:


It looks like past versions were displaying tooltips:

Does it make sense to restore the tooltip ? Here is a PR targeting 5.6

Seems reasonable to me. The only change I might add is not showing the tooltip if the title isn't truncated, if possible.

I'd encourage you to submit a pull request so that others can review it and provide any feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. PR created

About tooltip showing only it not truncated, I'm not sure how this could/should be supported. The tooltip could decide if the title is the same as the text content it contains and ellipsis is active, then not show the popup. I'm not 100% sure how the tooltip init is done.

I'm not 100% sure how the tooltip init is done.

Honestly, I'm really not sure either, which is why I put that "if possible" in there :wink:

Thanks for submitting the PR. I applied some labels to it so the teams responsible for that will hopefully get to it in a timely manner. Fair warning, there's a lot going on right now so it's possible things might be a little slow. I apologize about that in advance here... if there's no activity on it by the end of the week or so, feel free to post a follow-up comment, and @ me (w33ble) on the PR if you'd like.

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