Weird issue - Split Titles

Today I found a really weird issue. I have to machines, one for development and another one for demo.
Both have CentOS 7 and Java 1.8.0_40-b26 installed. I recently updated to Kibana 4.5 and Elasticsearch 2.3.2 on both machines. First on the development machine of course and I saw everything was working fine. But on the demo machine I found an issue related with this one in which the titles when I split a visualization are shown as ... instead of the values. I updated other machines to Kibana 4.5 with no issues.

Any ideas about why I'm seeing this behaviour? I don't know yet were the problem could be. I completely removed elasticsearch and reinstalled reindexing all the data again. Same with Kibana and the dashboards.

Thanks. Lets keep the discussion in the GitHub issue itself so all the information is in one place.

I think I just found it, it now just works. The reinstallation of Kibana seems to fix it but I did not refresh the Google Chrome cache. I tried on both Firefox and Chrome in incognito tabs. Before doing a fresh isntall of elasticsearch and kibana it happened also on incognito tabs. :grinning: