Kibana 4.5 and 4.5.1

(Carlos Vega Moreno) #1

After testing the new released Kibana 4.5 I found that is far from being a stable version.
Two main bugs make it unusable and unstable. I don't get how some features are not retested before releasing new versions.

Bugs like this on the split titles make Kibana unusable and it's something you see right after install it.

Also, after a while using it I get a timeout error using the same dashboards I used with Kibana 4.4.

I see that these issues are noted and that you're working on it. Is there any estimation for the next Kibana release date?

Thanks in advance and thanks for your work.

Edit I: The issue of the split titles also occurs on Kibana 4.4.2 and 4.4.1
Edit II: This also happens on Kibana 4.4.0
Edit III: Well, it's going to be more complicated than that. The issue does not happen to me on a different node with Kibana 4.5. Follow the issue here

(Shaunak Kashyap) #2

Hi, unfortunately we cannot give an estimate for a release date when these two issues will be resolved. I see you have already commented on the issues giving details about your setup, which is great. If you find anything more, please add it to the issue — that's the best way to help get it resolved sooner. Thanks.

(Carlos Vega Moreno) #3

I added more details here. I don't know why I get this different behaviour. Any idea? Is exactly the same OS, Java, Kibana & Elasticsearch version. There must be a difference !

(system) #4