Visualization problem when tryin' to calculate diff between averages


I think I'm doing something pretty wrong or there's indeed a bug in visualization.

I will try to do my best to describe my case.

I have 2 fields: A,B.

So these fields are plotted (average) using LINE in my visualization. Then, I've added another LINE (field A, AVERAGE) using a SCRIPT that does the follow:

If (A-B) > 0 then use '0' otherwise use (A-B).

{ "script" : "(_value - doc['B'].value) > 0 ? 0: (_value - doc['B'].value) " }

Ok so I expect to see the value 0 when the diff between A and B is greater than 0. The problem is that I never see 0, even though the expression enters the IF.

Follow my visualization with 3 LINES (A,B,DIFF).

Let's get 2 samples to show why Kibana visualization is somehow wrong.

Time Frame => 10:30

Here's the A point:

Here's the B point:

So if we do the math: A-B = 705,191186. So as this value is greater than 0, I expect to see in the visualization the time 10:30 (in the third line, DIFF) showing a point in 0 but that's not what happened.

Even worse, If we get another point, let's say 14:00.



The diff between A-B will be 476,648437 which is greater than 0 so it should plot (in the third line, DIFF) the value 0 but let's see what kibana did:

How could it be -239.291797?

It seems to me that the 3 lines are somehow disconnected from each ether, like running in different time window, even though they're tied together with a single X axis. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Could anybody help me with that one? I have no idea what's going on.

Btw, in TimeLion it works as expected.

Thanks in advance!

The problem here is that your script is running on each document, rather than on the aggregated values.

Suppose you had three documents:

A | B
1 | 2
5 | 1
4 | 2

What you might expect is that the average "diff" here would be ((1 - 2) + (5 - 1) + (4 - 2)) / 3 = 1.67. However, the "diff" is calculated on each document, not on the aggregate values, so what you end up getting is this:

A | B | Diff
1 | 2 | -1
5 | 1 | 0
4 | 2 | 0

Thus, the average "diff" here will actually be -0.33.

Does that make sense?

I understand your point but why timelion works as expected?

.es(index ='idx', metric='avg:A', timefield='event_date').subtract(.es(index =idx, metric='avg:B')).if(gt, 0, 0).label("A").lines(fill=1,width=0.5).color("red").title('Visualization x')

Is there a way to make it work like I intended?
Like running the script on the aggregated values instead of each document? Or maybe using script field? How could I get the desired result in visualization?

Thanks in advance!

Timelion works as expected because it actually is calculating the diff on the aggregate values.

There's not really a great way to accomplish this right now since we don't support bucket script aggregations. Here's the related GitHub issue:

Thanks, that issue had few aniversaries already, I don't think it will be implemented any time soon :confused: but thanks!

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