Visualization TSVB Error message: The request for this panel failed Cannot cast from [boolean] to [java.lang.Number]

I have create the visualization type TSVB on elasticsearch version 7.5.2
I need to Unique Count of Serail ID of sum value Duration < 1
But error message "The request for this panel failed
Cannot cast from [boolean] to [java.lang.Number].

Step to sum value

Step to Unique Count

Hi @111207

The Panel Error you are seeing is because the Bucket Script is transforming "Sum of Duration" into the boolean result of "Sum of Duration < 1". It's transforming the value, not filtering out the value. Hope that helps.

Hi coery.robertson

OK I'm understand. The result params.a < 1 It's tranforming the value.

I need to create with this step

1.Sum of Duration
2.Filter Sum of Duration < 1
3.Cardinality of Card ID if Sum of Duration < 1

Please Guide me how to do that. Because I'm select group by > Filter .It can't to select field Sum of Duration

Thank you so much

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