TSVB don't work only on Count Aggregation

I don't know why the TSVB suddenly don't work anymore only for "Count" Aggregation. it show "The request for this panel failed. Failed to compile inline script [count *1] using lang [expression]. " But when i use the other aggregation like "Average, Cardinality". it works perfectly.

Also for other visualization (Bar, Pie , Metrics). The "Count" function is ok, do any one of you face it before?

Hi @Cap_Ho what version of the Stack are you using?


Can you share your TSVB configuration with us ?

I just use Kibana sample flight and sales and create the tsvb and it also fail

Here is a screenshot from a 7.10 cloud instance which uses ecommerce data and count aggregation and it works

do you have the same configuration with the screenshot?

I have the same problem.

I can't replicate it so I will need more information. I see another series the 2xx, what is it about. Can you also share your Options and Panel options configuration? @huynhmytuan you are also using the 7.10 version of the stack?

Hi, having the same issue as well on 7.9. The error message I'm getting is:
"Failed to compile inline script [count * 1] using lang [expression]"
. Interestingly there's also another error in Timelion which says:
[timelion_vis] > Timelion request error: undefined Error: in cell #1: [search_phase_execution_exception]

Hello team, we have the same issue. Do you have further info about the root cause of the error message?

we have the same issue. What's wrong?

Hello I have the same issue on a 7.7.0 managed by AWS