Visualizations became uneditable

Hello there,

I noticed than suddenly, my visualization became uneditable (nothing happen when I click on the edit logo). I also can't see them in the dashboard.

Error message when loading the dashboard is :

Could not locate that index-pattern (id: 9becc960-ee7d-11e9-a805-2f4381101ce9), click here to re-create it

Only change made is stack upgrade to 7.6

I didn't changed any security roles or index privilege

I can view logs in discover, and create new visualization but can't do nothing on existing ones

Any idea on how to figure this out ?

Thanks for your feedback :wink:

OK solved by following @nixhoofd post here

Now I'm just asking is this is a bug introduced by the upgrade :thinking:

We don't delete index patterns during upgrades - are there any other users of the instance they might have mistakenly removed the index pattern?

Hello @tylersmalley,

No. I'm the only one admin of the stack. Index pattern was not deleted, but it's like a reference was broken

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