Visualizations on Dashboard going grey from time to time (all 2-5 seconds)


as mentoined in the Topic, since the update to 7.9.0 visualizations on a dashboard are going grey every few seconds.

What is the reason for that behavior and what can i do about it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @BoKu

When a visualization is being refreshed, it will go to that gray color scheme to indicate that it's being refreshed. There is not currently a way to disable this functionality.

You can configure how often they refresh. By the TimeFilter bar there is a little clock icon, and under that menu you can configure how often the refresh happens.

Hi @corey.robertson

thanks for your answer and the clarification. Is that a new feature of 7.9.0? If never noticed this effect in the older versions?

@BoKu I can't find any release note for it, but I think it was either 7.8 or 7.9, so yes it is relatively new.

@corey.robertson i didn't noticed it in 7.8.0.

Thanks four your help!

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