VIsualize 2 array in data table

I'm trying to create a data table visualization from a log that contains 2 arrays.
For example, the log has 2 fields which are a and b. In the Discover page, it will show

field value
a aa,bb,cc,dd
b 1,2,3,4
** note this data is contained in single log**

What I want to show is

column a column b count
aa 1 1
bb 2 1
cc 3 1
dd 4 1

What I get is

column a column b count
aa 1 1
aa 2 1
aa 3 1
aa 4 1
bb 1 1
bb 2 1
bb 3 1
bb 4 1
cc 1 1
cc 2 1
cc 3 1
cc 4 1
dd 1 1
dd 2 1
dd 3 1
dd 4 1

If it's possible to do what I want?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

To clarify, you want a set of keys that contain a[i] b[i].

If so, you can solve this one of two ways. On the ingest side, you could transform your documents to merge a and b into a single array ["a[0] b[0]", "a[1] b[1]",... ]. Then you could just create a data table for this new field.

You could also use a scripted field to create this new field.

Thank you for the solution

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