Visualize - Change legends font size

Hi all,

I'm new here and this maybe a stupid question but I didn't found a solution for it. There are a way to increase the size of the text legends in the graphs? I need to work with print screens to put in a PowerPoint presentation and then the legends are very difficult to read (small size).

Any suggestion without change CSS file?


Well, real question is... are you ready to suffer? :slight_smile:

Answer: Yes, you have to use Custom visualization and play with Vega syntax.
There are Legend properties and editor,if you need. Legend | Vega-Lite
Vega Editor
Copy this at line 86, you will see results.

encoding: {
    x: {
      // The "key" value is the timestamp in milliseconds.  Use it for X axis.
      field: key
      type: temporal
      axis: {title: false} // Customize X axis format
    y: {
      // The "doc_count" is the count per bucket.  Use it for Y axis.
      field: doc_count
      type: quantitative
      axis: {title: "Document count"}
    "color": {
       field: "Document count", "type": "nominal"
       "legend": { 
         "title": "test" 
         "fillColor": "red"
         "labelFont": "Verdana"
         "labelFontSize": "20"

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