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Dear Team,

I want to have two counts on same BAR. One with the following:

          "match": {
            "message": "Start ^ofp+auto-release as FINAL"

And one with :

 "must": [
          "match": {
            "message": "Start ^ofp+auto-release as DRAFT"

Is that possible?


Hi @yasin

You could use split series using the filters aggregation to get separate bars for the two queries and change the mode to "normal" instead of "stacked" in the "Metrics & Axes" tab to have them shown side by side. Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Dear Flash,

Would like to thank you for your reply.
Maybe another screenshot to clarify a bit more.
So i need two counts, one with Start ^ofp+auto-release as FINAL and another with Start ^ofp+auto-release as DRAFT on one bar

If you want them on top of each other it's basically stacked mode instead of "normal" mode

Like in the example below - other data set of course but same chart. "extension:css" and "extension:zip" are your draft and final queries

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Dear Flash,

Oy my god, we got it thanks to you!!
Thank you very much my friend!

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