Visualize: Data Table formation fails with error message 'Unable to get property '4' of undefined or null reference'


I am facing error while attempting to create Data Table in Kibana (6.2.2) Visualize.
The error message is observed while performing sub aggregation on Numeric field when 'Show missing values' is slected. Apparently the aggregation fails when there is no element (ormbFundAmount) on the document (record), while it should have been marked as missing like other elements defined as string, eg. fundFlag where missing values are marked as '-'

Please can you assist. Here is the screen print.

Hello @vpatel99

Unfortunately I think you have encountered an old bug. Version 6.2.2 is quite old is no more maintained (

If you are using Data Table to display single documents, like it's seems to be in your case, I think you can use a saved search from Discover to have exactly the same result and can be easily added to a dashboard

Thanks for your quick response Marco. The only reason I opted Visualize is because of it's ability to export data in csv form. To my knowledge, version 6.2.2 does not support csv export for saved search from Discover, neither I found it in dashboard except counts.

Please let me know if there is still a way to dowload saved search from Discover.


I've just checked on Discover and you can export it using the Reporting button on the top-right nav bar (if you have xpack enabled).

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