Visualizing a prometheus histogram



I'm receiving through metricbeat and prometheus a snapshot of a histogram. The document looks like this :
histBar1 : value1,
histBar2 : value2,
histBarN : valueN

I'd like create a vertical bar vizualization with the max of each bar displayed for the selected period of time. in other words draw the histogram as it is received.
This seems like a simple task but i don't seem to be able to do it...

Please help...

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I am not aware of any way to accomplish this. Most visualizations are an aggregation of the data, not a visualization of a histogram within the data. Does ES contain the raw data to create the histogram in Kibana instead of trying to represent a histogram of the data?


That's what i was afraid of. No the data is presented like that out of prometheus and polled by metricbeat.

I will try to see if the polling nature of metric beat is compatible with timestamped gauges but i doubt that.

Thx anyway

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