Visualizing data with no indexing

Hi All,

I originally posted a thread in the ElasticSearch forum (Pulling values for properties that have index set to "no"), ultimately the question now comes over to the Kibana side.

So, I'm trying to understand as per blogs on using ES as a time series DB, how would you use Kibana to visualize data that has { "doc_values": true, "index": "no" }

and _source and _all is disabled?

It seems to work provided I keep _source enabled and do not set index to "no". But I really don't want to index the data and just store it as raw values that can be pulled so there's no long term overhead. Unless this is the wrong approach?

Many thanks,


Hi jdmac,

perhaps it depends on your specific data. I tried the sample data that cbuescher suggested here Pulling values for properties that have index set to "no".

That works in Kibana 5.0, even though indexing is turned of.

e.g.: on the count field: (not indexed)

or the age field:

Is that what you are looking to do?

Hi Thomas,
I am trying to use kibana (or grafana) in order to visualize the data at
all but they are not available to select. I am using kibana 4.5.x at the
moment since 5 is still alpha.

Am I right to say your screen capture shows you using scripted fields?

Is that the requirement I must do also?


no it's not a requirement to use scripted fields.

it's just the alpha 5, which has improvements for handling doc_values. There's no set dates yet, but the beta should be out soon, which will be more stable, and RCs and final should follow up reasonable quickly.