Visualizing different values of same field in a single pie chart

Hi Guys,
This is urgent and I really need some assistance with this.
I have a particular field and for that field I have different values. I need to compare those different values of a same field in a single pie chart.
How to visualize (comparison) different values of same field in a single pie chart?

These are just community forums, so if you're looking for timely responses I would recommend inquiring about a license which includes support.

I am not sure what you mean by comparing values. Are these values strings, or numbers? What kind of comparison are you looking for in the pie chart?

Here is an example of a pie chart looking at the delay by destination airports using the sample flight data in Kibana.

There are two independent fields and I need to display the maximum / minimum values of the corresponding fields in a single pie chart. Lets say Field1 max value is 10 and min Field 2 value is 15, then the pie chart will show Field 1 area mapped to 40% and Field 2 to 60% of the pie chart area. The total of the two fields is always constant i.e. 25.

Hi guys It will be great if you guys help me out on this.

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