Warning and Error Messages - Kibana Dashboard


I am running T-Pot via AWS and included with T-Pot is Kibana.

Every time I launch the Kibana dashboard I get the following messages -

Message 1:

Configuration missing
server.publicBaseUrl is missing and should be configured when running in a production environment. Some features may not behave correctly. See the documentation.

Message 2:

Unable to completely restore th the URL, be sure to use the share functionality.

Error: Unable to completely restore the URL, be sure to use the share functionality.
    at r (https://**MY IP**:64297**/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:59352)
    at I (https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:59570)
    at w (https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:60269)
    at https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:61484
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at B (https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:61460)
    at V (https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:61584)
    at Object.get (https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/kibanaUtils/kibana/kibanaUtils.plugin.js:1:64827)
    at de (https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/dashboard/kibana/dashboard.chunk.1.js:1:88656)
    at https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana/46534/bundles/plugin/dashboard/kibana/dashboard.chunk.1.js:1:108928

Please could someone assist me with the configuration message and advise me on how to resolve the second message.

I look forward to hearing from the community.

Hi and welcome to our community

As a start you should fix the following problem by setting

server.publicBaseUrl: https://**MYIP**:64297/kibana

in your kibana.yml, given that kibana is the configured path in your installation, this might fix follow up problems.


Hi @matw,

Apologies for the delay.

That seems to fix my warning messages. Thank you for your help.

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