Watch schedule trigger with TimeZone

Hello all,

I re-open an old topic (Schedule Trigger TimeZone).

Regarding current docs for Watch schedule trigger, we still use UTC time. It could generate false alerts based on time period due of DST changes.

Are you (ES team) plan to add TimeZone settings ?

Thank you !


this is indeed still the case (all in UTC). As UTC does not know about DST at all, I am wondering about the false alerts here. Can you explain that - I am no timezone wizard, so happy to learn here!


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your quick reply !
In my case (GMT +1), when I setup a watch that search at 7AM a doc in the last X hours (e.g. outside business hours), the DST impacts the time period analyzed with a time lag of 1 hour every 6 months.
So we have few false results :confused:

Hope this setting could be in -one of - next releases !

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