Watcher can alert for visualization request?



I want to use the visualization request make some fields alert. Is the watcher can do this?
And will the watcher open source at version 6.3 with X-Pack?


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can you elaborate a bit on this one? I have a hard time understanding it? Do you want to use the same query that a visualization uses and create a watch out of it? If so, you could just check out the request of that visualization and put it in a watch.




Example, I have a DataTable Visualization and I want to alert for one of columns. Is that I put the Visualization Request body into the watcher json object input->search->request->body, and make some conditions and actions can make alert for columns? Is there a document that explains this situation.
above just a example, and I want to apply to all Visualization type.


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there might be a bit more to it. especially when you need to filter for that one line and you might have a timestamp filter, which you usually specifiy in the UI. but we can start from there and iterate, if you are willing to share that query.


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