Watcher creation help

Hello! I'm very new to Elasticsearch and I am attempting to create a Watcher, but I just can't seem to put the pieces together.

I have a index named "transactions". For that index I run this query "TerminalID : 999999 and day_of_week : Fri and OurTime: 11*" and last Friday it returned 7 results when I run it at 12:00PM.

I'd like to have the Watcher look at "1 week ago" till "Today", it should run at 12:00PM, and if the matching results are less than X then trigger an email alert.

Just testing a basic search I have the below "code", but I'm not sure how to limit the search to "1 Week Ago until Today". And I'm not sure this format could translate to a Watcher.

GET /transactions/_search
    "query": {
      "query_string": {
        "query": "TerminalID : 999999 and day_of_week : Fri and OurTime: 11*"
    "fields": [

I'd really appreciate some assistance with this. Thank you.

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