Watcher repository by metricbeat module (kubernetes, system)


What do people here think of creating a repository to store default (or example) Watcher alerts for the kubernetes and/or system module? (I'm also in favor of other modules but we should pick somewhere to start).

My hunch is that most teams would want a similar set of basic alerts, and that most teams don't have the best coverage so far. Combining efforts would be very helpful.



There are some sample watches in this repository:

If none of the samples is what you're looking for, perhaps we can include some additional sample watches.


Hi @Michael_Madden, thanks for the reply.

I've seen this repo. I guess to be more specific, I'm suggesting we create a full suite of alerts that teams can apply to get a base level of monitoring for each host running metricbeat.

Alarms for CPU, memory, filesystem (system module). Then things like pending pods, pods in a crash loop, pods using more resources than requested (kubernetes module).

Ideally one would just run make apply and we'd http PUT each watch.json to the cluster.

kube-prometheus does something very similar for the prometheus/grafana stack.

Just to follow up here... does that sound reasonable?

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