"We Opened X-Pack"


What does it mean? What I see it still requires license to run:


There is no way to secure community edition with password?

There's no such thing as a Community Edition, there's the Open Source and then the X-Pack addons.

From that link;

Many features in X-Pack are free, such as monitoring, tile maps, Grok Debugger, and Search Profiler. Some features in X-Pack are paid, and require a license that comes with a Gold or Platinum subscription.

Security is still a commercially licensed product.

Database without any security is quite useless... No place within companies.
Moreover no info on page how much this x-pack costs.

Have a read of https://www.elastic.co/blog/doubling-down-on-open, it might make it clearer why we take the path we do.

How much it cost to secure database with password (to have this x-pack)? I do not have time to write poems and wait for calculation. I need it for one simple database; one host, one 'cluster'.


if you need to cover simple security scenario then may be you can check 3rd party plugins, like this one: https://search-guard.com/licensing/


Thanks. Tried that and no way to make it run; all the time time error - cannot run open SSL library.

Did you try contacting https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/search-guard ?

I don't have that information sorry, but I can ask someone to send it to you.
You can also look at our hosted Elasticsearch Service - https://cloud.elastic.co/pricing

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