Web Vitals Support

Are there any plans to capture and display Web Vitals Metrics? (https://web.dev/vitals/) - this is how Google rates site performance.

Some of these seem to be shown in the trace views in Kibana, but it is not clear if they represent the same thing.

Would be really great to have a visualisation for the metrics in aggregate showing the traffic lights defined by Web Vitals.

Hi @Mark_Smithson,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the forum.
We are in the process of adding vitals metrics. The only remaining metric so far is Cumulative Layout Shift which already has an open PR. Using those you will be able to create dashboards for web vitals.

We are also looking into ways of surfacing these metrics in the UI, however, we don't have a concrete timeline at this point.


Fantastic - thanks for the quick response.

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