Weird Elasticsearch version in kibana (cluster overview) after upgrade to 8

Updated a single-node test installation from 7.17 to 8. Almost all went smooth (got minor issues with kibana's logging.dest parameter stuck in the unit file).
And now I see this:

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Can you provide some more info so we can help you better?
Elasticsearch defaults to have 1 Primary and 1 Replica Shard for every shard unless you have defined a different behavior. Have you? How many nodes in the cluster do you have? How many indices?

You can see the nodes and their disk usage using this command in Kibana Dev Tools

GET /_cat/nodes/?v&h=name,du,dt,dup,hp,hc,rm,rp,r

You can list your indices by Size with this command

GET /_cat/indices/*?v&

Hi Maja,
Health is pretty fine, there is only one node so there are no replicas.
Take a look at the Version string :slight_smile:

In one-node cluster, you need to override index.number_of_replicas to 0, so that the cluster would report green.

Thank you.
I know what to do with replicas. I am just do not know how to return kibana back to showing something like 8.0 as the version instead of the 243479 version. Could you please help with that? :slight_smile:

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