Weird / strange version number of cluster after migration to 8.1.2

Hi, I have just upgraded from 7.17 ro 8.1.2. Anyway, what I see in Stack monitoring in cluster version is not 8.1.2, as before when it was there 7.17.2 but
can you please help to solve it?
Cluster state is green, all nodes are 8.1.2, there is no issue, just misleading version of elastic


stack monitoring is deprecated in 8.1.2

@Zdeno_Liska I assume that is Self Managed?

I am seeing something similar

8.1.2 Stack in Cloud

8.1.2 Self Managed My Version looks Funny Too

@elasticforme not sure what you mean Stack Monitoring is deprecated... it is alive and well :slight_smile:

I put a question into the folks that are responsible for this ... see if we get an answer

OHHH and NOW Weirdness on Cloud Tooo after a couple minutes...

Reported it here [Stack Monitoring] Elasticsearch version displays incorrect version · Issue #126741 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Linked and tracked here Stack Monitoring Tech Debt Plan · Issue #127224 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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