What does the Cpu throttling means?

Is there any document that describe what the 'CPU Throttling' means?

I found similar question, but the topic has been closed without answer.

How to understand the monitor metric “cpu Throttling”

Hi @Bingu_Shim,

CPU throttling is a concept prevalent in containerized environments where the orchestration system (K8s for example) is intentionally throttling the container due to previously configured rules. In your case, it looks like no throttling has happened in the time frame.

Does that help?


Hello @chrisronline

Thank you for you Response.

Now I understand that the CPU Limit is only applied for container environments.

I got few more questions.

THIS Guide describe, because of a Known issue of Kubernete it is recommended not setting the CPU Limit.

I tried as the guide recommended, but then the Cpu Throttling colume didn't show proper values. So, what is the recommend approach when we deploy Elasticsearch to K8S enviromnent.

And the following is another capture of my environment, in this moment, the cpu throttling value is not zero. Could you please let me know that how can I understand this? (what is the unit means, and so on.)

@chrisronline thanks for the elaboration!

Follow-up question. We're on hosted Elasticsearch in the Cloud on GCP. I was under the assumption that instances with memory > 8GB are not being throttled.

Is that assumption correct?

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