What is included in the free X-Pack?

I am reading through https://www.elastic.co/what-is/open-x-pack but I don't see ILM specifically mentioned. Just wanted to confirm whether it is too new a feature and it came out after or if it is actually not available in the free X-Pack

Actually, what is the free X-Pack anyway in the context of "Docker" because when I was building https://github.com/trajano/elk-swarm I was under the impression that X-Pack was a paid feature so I tried to disable it.

I would recommend looking at the subscriptions page for a breakdown of features by license level. ILM was probably released after the page you linked to was written, but is part of the free Basic license.

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I'm actually confused between the "open-source" vs "basic" (forever free) plan. Like how do we get the "forever free" or is it automatically included in the Docker images?

Whether you download a Elasticseach directly or use a docker image, there are two distributions. The OSS distribution contains only open-source code and does not include any other components. The default distribution comes bundled with X-Pack, and the license level you are using determines the feature set available. The default here is the free Basic license, but you can upgrade that to a commercial license without having to change distribution/software.

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