Does not using -oss flavour means i have to pay for elasticseach?

I'm upgrading elk stack from 5.x to 7.0 and i saw that now there are two flavors of docker images.
I'm confused which one to use. I disabled xpack in my current ELK stack. So should i go with non-oss flavor and disable the xpack feature or just use oss flavor and avoid configuring/disabling paid services.

(I'm guessing it's better to go with oss flavor but I'm afraid i might lose some functionality)

Thanks for the help!

The default distribution comes with some X-Pack features enabled through a free licence which does not require registration.

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See for more information.

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Thanks for the reply. i got the picture.

I had one more doubt. Do i have to do anything extra to be able to use those extra features in basic flavor? (I'm talking about elastic license here) Because i have read that basic flavor needs apache 2.0 + elastic license.

The default distribution of all our downloads includes X-Pack and includes a free license for all the basic features.


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