ELK Stack Community version

Hi All,

Is this ELK stack community version available anywhere?

We are working some AIops activities, so need to check the communities package version,

Please help me with your input,


Is it what you are looking for? https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch-oss

thanks @dadoonet for your input,

I may not know "OSS " mean, so for don't know that one is "community version" setup file,

also for normal 1 month trail version also we can do all the testing and configuration based on our own algorithm right ?

or there is some different there between community version elastic search and 1 month trial version elastic search ,

Could you please give some input on this, that would help me understand much better


See Subscriptions about the different features available for every license (OSS, Basic, Gold and Platinum).

The default distribution of Elasticsearch includes all of X-Pack, but the default license is "basic".

You can activate a free trial of the commercial features via Kibana (Management -> License) or via the API.

Yeah now I can understand better for that license type, thanks @dadoonet

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