ELK stack installables

Hi Team, I am bit confused with ELK installable. Just want to clarify before I start using it in our environment. in lower environments i have used RPM repository option to install ELK stack but in production we don't have an option to use RPM repo. We need to download RPM files manually.

I am planning to use below links to download RPM installables but in ELK user guide it mention that

" This package contains both free and subscription features. [Start a 30-day trial] to try out all of the features. "

SO below mentioned installables are trial versions or enterprise versions .


Of course it is a silly question but got confused with this statement.

The way that it works is that each download contains all features of the stack. When you start up things for the first time you get a free Basic license. You can then upgrade to a Platinum license for a 30 day trial, after which it reverts to a Basic license again.

Hi Warkolm, Thanks for your quick response.
Will basic version has all the features or do we have to upgrade to platinum or enterprise license . if yes, where can I get the cost details.

Check out Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic for what is involved in each license level.

Hi @warkolm , Thank you.

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