What is purpose x-pack-logstash inside ElasticSearch?

Hi ,

I am currently sending log data to ElasticSearch . When I installed ES, I saw that , in ElasticSearch there is modules file which contains a lot x-packs. There is one x-pack-logstash. I want to understand aim of this x-pack-logstash.

I am searching answer below question, unfortunately I have not find answer in ElasticSearch Documentation page

  • What is purpose and usage of Logstash inside ES as module.
  • Is Logstash module triggering automatically when there are incoming NLog logs to ES?
  • Does NLog requires Logstash as a mandatory module?

I am using ES version 6.7.0 open source .

p.s For example, is there way to disable x-pack-logstash? if yes , what happen then .

Thanks in advance

A module is just a way to load some code, it has nothing to do with logstash execution itself.

You can check out the java class over here https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/blob/master/x-pack/plugin/logstash/src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/xpack/logstash/Logstash.java

This basically registers a class that adds the ability to check for the basic license, as some features in the Kibana UI are only available with a basic license.

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