What is wrong with this plugin?



I have installed this plugin https://github.com/dlumbrer/kbn_radar/tree/Kibana-6.X in Kibana 6.5.0.

When I try to create the radar diagram I just get a blank icon, nothing is created (see pic):

Browser logs give a "resp.tables is not defined" error. Kibana logs don't show that something is wrong.

I am running Kibana 6.5.0 on an ubuntu 16.04 vm. Also, I installed the plugin in /usr/share/kibana/plugins folder and I am using the production Kibana code (namely as installed from deb package) I haven't downloaded the Kibana code from git.

Could you please help me?

Thank you,

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My gut tells me this is a breaking change in Kibana's plugin API - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/19061/files removes the nesting of rows and columns from resp.tables

The plugin would have to be updated to support this

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