What ruby gem version should I use with ES 7.17.x

I have just brought up a new linux VM to run an application that talks ES 7 but I can not find any gems for version 7. The latest (8.6.0) says that the server is not running ES : (. Presumably it only works with ES 8.x

Hi @Russell_Fulton I am probably the last person that should speak to Ruby but...

Are you talking about the ruby client?

Did you try...

gem install elasticsearch -v 7.17.7

That works! But I could not find which was the version I should be asking for!

I did try 7.17 which is the last 7.x branch on github

I guess I should have known that there would be 3 levels!

For some reason the gem metadata seems to be missing for the version 7 family:

rful011@secmonprd13:~$ sudo gem list elasticsearch --remote | grep '^elasticsearch ' 
elasticsearch (8.6.0)

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