When connected jira cloud with workplace search fields coming in are not same as earlier connection?

I connected my another enterprise search with the same jira cloud instance as before. Earlier when I connected, I was getting one field TTR which is missing right now in my new connection. I tried to find out the reason but couldn't get any.

All the working in jira cloud is same as earlier. And I have basic licesnce of elastic.

Are the fields recieved through jira not constant.

kindly clear my doubt ?

Hi @Fiza ,

What version of Enterprise Search was your first connection made on, and what version of Enterprise Search are you using now?

Also, "TTR" isn't a standard field name that I recognize. Is that an acronym?

Hi @Sean_Story ,

The version of enterprise search during first connection was 8.4 and right now it is 8.5.
The TTR stands for Time to resolution. It comes in SLAs in Jira.


This is TTR under SLAs.

Hi @Fiza ,

I've double-checked, and neither in our code nor our documentation does it appear that we've ever synced any data from SLAs, nor have we captured Time To Resolution. You can see which fields are synced here: Connecting Jira Cloud | Workplace Search Guide [8.6] | Elastic

Hi @Sean_Story ,

I think earlier I was using paid license and now using Basic license. So some changes because of that. Maybe!
Trying to figure out what additional stuff I did for getting TTR field but haven't got any answer yet.

Can we get using assets and objects. By including in object.

@Sean_Story Thanks for the link. I have checked the link. The mentioned fields I am getting.

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