How to get all fields in Enterprise Workplace search connected with Jira Service Management?

I looked into forum whether there is any question related to this but couldn't find any.

I have integrated JSM with elastic enterprise search (Workplace search). Over there in workplace I'm getting issue data with several fields like - Priority, created_at, updated_at etc., but some fields are not coming. There are many fields like SLA, severity, time-tracking etc. which are not coming into data being received from Jira.

I want to start receiving all fields or particular field but couldn't find any way where to make changes and how this connection is working.

Can anyone help me to know how can I get all fields of the issue data from JSM to Workplace Search.

Hey Fiza!

I think by "JSM" you mean Jira Server? Unfortunately that connector isn't readily customizable, and I don't predict that it will be in the near future given that Atlassian's Server products are EOL.

If you'd like to extract custom data from Jira Server, you'll need to use a custom source: Connecting custom sources | Workplace Search Guide [8.4] | Elastic.

By 'JSM' I mean Jira Cloud.
Is it same for Cloud also that we need custom source.

Ah, gotcha. At this moment you'd have to go the custom source route. That being said the desire to enhance connectors for Atlassian Cloud is greater. If you're on Elastic Cloud, I'd submit an enhancement request through your Support relationship. Otherwise, if you're able to describe it here I can pass it along. It sounds like you're looking for some additional fields to be ingested? Anything else?

Yes, I am trying to ingest additional fields.
I am getting issue/ticket data but some fields are not there. The fields like Severity, Reporter, SLA, Time tracking, Stakeholders, Major incident, Satisfaction, Original estimate, Acknowledged Date (the date on which issue was acknowledge) .

I am trying to get these fields in workplace.

Yep, makes sense. I'll pass this along.


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