Where to find Fleet Integration new additions and changelogs

Is there a way to identify which new Fleet Integrations are added and also a changelog when they are upgraded? Is there a central location for this information?

I can only tell right now (maybe incorrectly) via the Integration count 117 to 119 now and recognizing a new integration like Logstash.

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Any ideas ? I seen new Fleet Integrations (like Elasticsearch) just by the increase in the number of available integrations and then reviewing the list.

Currently I'm not tracking any method of highlighting new integrations.

We don't have this feature at the moment. You can always look at the source repository here: integrations/packages at master · elastic/integrations · GitHub and look at release dates.

There is also extra docs page: https://docs.elastic.co/en/integrations , but still, you won't be able to track release dates.

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