Why is the query result in Discover different from the real data?

When I tried to search a field equaling some value, I got the right result. However, the data showed in the result was different from the real or the searched one. It looked like this:

As I searched n2_hash : -9181604705294914238, the result showed -9,181,604,705,294,914,560 in Table and -9181604705294915000 in JSON. Why did this happen?

Hi @yyyayo

It could be related to a mix of field mapping and field formatting settings in Kibana.
You can check field mapping by going to /app/management/data/index_management/indices or via DevTools.
You can change value formatting for Kibana by going to /app/management/kibana/settings

By adjusting Kibana settings and (if needed) disabling coercion you should be able to fix it.

Regards, Dima

Hi Dima,

Thanks for your answer. I disabled the coercion by specifying "coerce" as false in mappings, but it didn't work. The last three digits of the long integer are still wrong.

I attached two more examples.



Hope you could help me figure this out.

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