Why is the Sense page not rendering properly?


(Hanry) #1


I am a total newbie to ES but excited to find out more. I got it running on a Raspberry Pi so I have my little ES node with me on long train journeys. Another node runs on my main server.
I am trying to follow the ES tutorial and it recommended to install Marvel to get access to Sense.
I can call http://server.name:9200/_plugins/marvel/sense but the page does not render properly (see below).

This is the same whether I am running this from the Pi or the main server, it's the same in Firefox and Chrome. Once I managed to run it to render properly, with the split window, etc. - but I have no idea how I did that.

Surely it must be a stupid newbie mistake, but I'd be grateful if you could point me at it? I did google a little, alas googling for "marvel + sense" is 90% comic related - which I am sure you know :smile:
Anyway, many thanks!

(Mark Walkom) #2

What if you open the developer console in your browser and see what is happening.

It could just be that the Pi doesn't have the resources to deal with the request, but that's just a guess.

(Hanry) #3

Thank you Warkolm,

I suspected that as well, which is why I installed a node on my Ubuntu server (and that has well enough grunt) as I wrote in my original posting.

I did some looking around and found a more fundamental issue - the .deb package installs all the fonts and style sheets in a different directory to the place where the sense webpage is actually trying to find them. Easily fixed with creating a symbolic link in the ../../marvel/_site directory to point at ../../marvel/_site/sense/vendor

I shall go and find out where and how to log a bug for this.


P.S. Since I wrote this I noticed that the /css and /app folders were also linked incorrectly in the sense page. So I now have three symlinks and all is ticking over nicely.

As all of the marvel plugin installs in one go, I am fairly certain that it is not just some finger trouble on my behalf.

(Mark Walkom) #4

We don't provide a deb package for Marvel, it's just a zip file with some proprietary code.

(Boaz Leskes) #5

The problem lies in missing an extra trailing slash after the sense url. if you add it (http://localhost:9200/_plugin/marvel/sense/ ) everything seems to works fine.

(Adebiyi Abdurrahman) #6

@bleskes Works like charm. Thanks.

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