Widget stay on "Edit" mode

Hello everyone,

I'm on Kibana v 7.12.0

I have strange problem, on the same dashboard, some widget stay on "edit" mode, with the gear on top right of them, and other widget switch good on "View mode" (so the gear leave the widget)


In the case, the 2 widget are "lens".

I have the same problem with Donut, Data table, Metric...

So my dashboard is a bit ugly. Do you know how I can fix that ?

Thank you.

Hi @Arethusa, this is a really strange issue. I have a number of questions which might help narrow down what's happening.

Are there any errors in your console?
Are you running this dashboard in an iframe or with embed mode on?
If you reload the page, or enter and leave edit mode does it go away?

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I have the problem on several computer (on the same dashboard), I don't see error on console.
I use embed mode I think (I create the dashboard on main Kibana page, and "Create Panel" or "Add form library".
If I add from library the same widget, the new is ok (So i have one with staying on editing mode, and the new on view mode).
So i think I will delete and recreate the bugged widgets ...

It's like the "Switch to view mode" doesn't see all widget, and ignore it.

Maybe the problem is inside Dashboard metadata.

I will try some tests, but I will probable delete and add widget to fix it.

Thank you for your time, I will be back when i Fix the problem.

Interesting that there are no errors on the console. If it's not too late, before you delete the bugged panels, would you mind sending a copy of your dashboard saved object JSON?

You can find this by clicking share -> permalinks -> snapshot

That would help a lot in figuring out what is wrong with the panels.

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Thank you for advisement,
Tomorrow I will delete all widget and keep only one bugged widget and the same widget without problem. That will be more readable.

Other informations:

  • When I clone bugged widget, I clone the bug too.
  • When I am on "View mode" and try to delete the widget with gear, thank works, but it back when I click on "Edit"

That sounds really helpful, thank you @Arethusa. I look forward to seeing it.

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Hello ^^

So, EDIT mode:

And now the bug when I am on VIEW MODE:





Thank you.


Maybe i don't understand when you talk about "console"

red line transduction : Content security policy: The page settings prevented a resource from loading at inline ("script-src").

Thank you for all the information, this was really helpful!

Firstly, it looks like you don't have any console errors. The one that showed up is expected.

Secondly, the URL information was extremely helpful. It looks like you have a panel that is both saved to the visualize library and embedded directly into the dashboard. Additionally, the embedded information contains 'viewMode: Edit' which is somehow overriding the dashboard's view mode.

Both of these things should be impossible, but it seems like some combination of actions was able to create this. I will try to recreate the bug and fix if possible. Do you remember any actions that you took with this panel before it became bugged like this?

You have been extremely helpful, thanks again!

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I was able to recreate this.

It turns out that the Copy To Dashboard action is responsible. It seems to transform input into explicit input.

I have created an issue here:

A fix should be up shortly.

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Important precision:
In this case the visualize are on dashboard and library because I saved the "bad" widget to save data, and after that, I import it.

But you have to consider I had the same problem with 2 graph saved on library.
So the visualize with bug was from library, and when I add the same from the same library, the problem disappear for the last imported.

I can report an other problem like that:
On one dashboard That was impossible to move Widget ! I could resize it but impossible to move it.

So I delete and create it again.

Thank you very much !

Ho I forget an important Thing !

Lot of part of this bad visualize was copy from an other dashboard (Gear on widget, More, Copy to Dashboard).

Maybe the main problem is from this manipulation !!

Edit : YES IT IS !!
I just create the problem by this manipulation !

Edit : -_- Sorry, you see it before me :frowning: " It turns out that the Copy To Dashboard action is responsible. It seems to transform input into explicit input."
I write my message before read yours ... ^^

Thank you.

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I have a pull request up to fix this: Fixed copyTo by only copying explicit input by ThomThomson · Pull Request #98083 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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