Win 2003 32 bit OS Period(Time) is not correct it is showing default

I am using Metricbeat 6.0.0 on WIn 2003 OS 32 Bit .with System module to collect the performance data.
everything is working fine except Period Interval .its taking default as 10s instead of custom like 2m.

Please suggest is this a bug .
example like this .it is not accepting period as a 2 minute instead it is counting as 10s.

- module: system
  period: 2m
    - cpu
    #- load
    - memory
    - network
    - process
    - process_summary

Could you provide us the debug logs of metricbeat (output of metricbeat -e -d "*")?

Here is the debug output.

2018/02/12 13:54:18.033936 metrics.go:23: INFO Metrics logging every 30s
2018/02/12 13:54:18.033936 beat.go:426: INFO Home path: [C:\metricbeat] Config p
ath: [C:\metricbeat] Data path: [C:\metricbeat\data] Logs path: [C:\metricbeat\l
2018/02/12 13:54:18.049561 beat.go:453: DBG Beat metadata path: C:\metricbeat\da
2018/02/12 13:54:18.065187 helper_windows.go:19: DBG delete old: remove C:\metri
cbeat\data\meta.json.old: The system cannot find the file specified.
2018/02/12 13:54:18.065187 helper_windows.go:23: DBG rotate to old: rename C:\me
tricbeat\data\meta.json C:\metricbeat\data\meta.json.old: The system cannot find
the file specified.
2018/02/12 13:54:18.065187 beat.go:433: INFO Beat UUID: 4c5fee84-fb18-424f-af12-
2018/02/12 13:54:18.065187 beat.go:192: INFO Setup Beat: metricbeat; Version: 6.
2018/02/12 13:54:18.065187 beat.go:199: DBG Initializing output plugins
2018/02/12 13:54:18.065187 processor.go:49: DBG Processors:
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 logger.go:18: DBG start pipeline event consumer
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 module.go:80: INFO Beat name: NYBEAT1P
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 metricbeat.go:37: DBG Register [ModuleFactory:[docker
, mongodb, mysql, postgresql, system], MetricSetFactory:[aerospike/namespace, ap
ache/status, ceph/cluster_disk, ceph/cluster_health, ceph/monitor_health, ceph/p
ool_disk, couchbase/bucket, couchbase/cluster, couchbase/node, docker/container,
docker/cpu, docker/diskio, docker/healthcheck, docker/image, docker/info, docke
r/memory, docker/network, dropwizard/collector, elasticsearch/node, elasticsearc
h/node_stats, golang/expvar, golang/heap, haproxy/info, haproxy/stat, http/json,
jolokia/jmx, kafka/consumergroup, kafka/partition, kibana/status, kubernetes/co
ntainer, kubernetes/event, kubernetes/node, kubernetes/pod, kubernetes/state_con
tainer, kubernetes/state_deployment, kubernetes/state_node, kubernetes/state_pod
, kubernetes/state_replicaset, kubernetes/system, kubernetes/volume, memcached/s
tats, mongodb/dbstats, mongodb/status, mysql/status, nginx/stubstatus, php_fpm/p
ool, postgresql/activity, postgresql/bgwriter, postgresql/database, prometheus/c
ollector, prometheus/stats, rabbitmq/node, redis/info, redis/keyspace, system/co
re, system/cpu, system/diskio, system/filesystem, system/fsstat, system/memory,
system/network, system/process, system/process_summary, vsphere/datastore, vsphe
re/host, vsphere/virtualmachine, windows/perfmon, zookeeper/mntr]]
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 beat.go:260: INFO metricbeat start running.
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 cfgwarn.go:11: WARN BETA: Dynamic config reload is en
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 reload.go:128: INFO Config reloader started
2018/02/12 13:54:18.080812 service_windows.go:51: DBG Windows is interactive: tr
2018/02/12 13:54:19.237092 service.go:33: DBG Received sigterm/sigint, stopping
2018/02/12 13:54:19.237092 reload.go:148: INFO Dynamic config reloader stopped
2018/02/12 13:54:19.237092 service.go:39: DBG Received svc stop/shutdown request

2018/02/12 13:54:19.237092 metrics.go:51: INFO Total non-zero values: beat.mems
tats.gc_next=4473924 beat.memstats.memory_alloc=2526960 beat.memstats.memory_tot
al=2526960 libbeat.config.module.running=0 libbeat.output.type=logstash libbeat.
2018/02/12 13:54:19.237092 metrics.go:52: INFO Uptime: 2.7500704s
2018/02/12 13:54:19.237092 beat.go:268: INFO metricbeat stopped.

In this log, metricbeat ran for only one second.

Can you send us a more complete log where metricbeat has been running for some 5 minutes?

Please find the below link for more logs.

This log looks fine, the system module is reporting every 2 minutes, 16:09 and 16:11.

Maybe the issue here is that you expect one event every 2 minutes, but the system module generates multiple events every interval, at least one per enabled metricset. In this case, the process metricset generates one event per process.

Thank you..

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