Workplace Search: Content Source Disabled - Licensing


I have installed version 7.9 of Enterprise Search with a Basic/Free license.
I have added a custom source, and indexed some documents.

All of a sudden, the content source got disabled:

"Requires features not supported by current license"
Content source is disabled

Your organization's license level changed and no longer supports Document Permissions.

Don't worry: your data is safe and search has been disabled.

Upgrade to a Platinum license to re-enable this source.

I have not used any document level permission fields while indexing documents.
Did I do anything wrong? How can I remediate this?


Thank you for the report!
We will have a fix for this issue in the next patch release.
A workaround is to start a trial using the Start trial Elasticsearch API:

It could take a few minutes for a license change to be picked up by Enterprise Search, but after that the custom source will be available again.

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Thank you, this is good to know.