Workplace search - how to pause or change frequency of content sync

How can you pause or change the frequency that an out of the box connector syncs (ServiceNow in this case)? I dont want it to sync as often as 2 hours. I tried the interrupt command at Content sources API reference | Workplace Search Guide [7.16] | Elastic
but it fails if you have the basic license

Hi @ymoriarty! :wave:

We recently built a UI specifically for that!

I believe it should be available in v7.16, but if not - I recommend upgrading to the latest version.

I don't see that under Sources. I wonder if its because I'm on 7.16 or only have the basic license. Thank you. It would a handy feature.

Ah yes, sorry, you're right. It's a Platinum+ feature:

From docs:

Customizing the indexing schedule is only available to platinum-level licenses or higher.

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