X-Pack basic license and security


I installed Elastic, Kibana en filebeats + winlogbeats successfully on a Windows server. All is working fine. It was clear that we needed some security for this. I therefore installed x-pack. The install worked fine. I have the basic license now. However, I see that there is no security at all in this version. The first time I went to the kibana home page, it asked for credentials. I entered the elastic super user and password and got through. However, since then, kibana never asks for a password again. the kibana.yml, winbeats.yml and winlogbeats.yml files all have the elastic user configured and still seem to work. However, I can get straight to the kibana home page without any credentials. This is a bit disappointing as I hoped I would at least get this basic security.

Basic does not have security builtin as per https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

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