X-Pack Graph and drill-down

Hi all,
I'm playing with Graph and it's really really cool.
I've a question, when drill-down to raw document why timefilter is always setted to "Last 15 Minutes" even if timerange in Discover app is (for example) "Last 5 Years" ??
It seems to always reset it when routing.
Thank you for your help

If you go into Kibana's Advanced Settings (under Management), there is a setting called timepicker:timeDefaults which is:

{ "from": "now-15m", "to": "now", "mode": "quick" }

The Graph plugin loads with these defaults. It has it's own context of the timepicker, so when you change that in Kibana, Graph doesn't know about the change.

If it's more convenient to load Graph with different defaults, maybe you could try changing the defaults in Advanced Settings.

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