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What rights Elasticsearch has if I use xpack plugin with basic license for any of my application for my company. Does Elasticsearch have full rights to use my company name for any of its promotion activity?
If yes, then I need to get approval from the legal department to use the basic license.
Is there link which explains what rights Elasticsearch has on the customers/users using the Basic License.

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In the case of Xpack , you can use it for only one month free . After one month you have to pay for xpack . Elasticseach is fully opensource . You can use it anywhere any time without any cost .

Hi, @shailesh.nandwana

We just released Elasticsearch 6.3, which includes the Basic features of X-Pack by default, with no time limits and no need to register for a license.
This features are released under the Elastic License. It would be best for you to read those terms yourself, and if you have questions then feel free to ask us, or you can seek your own legal advice.
We also provide documentation and FAQ about the license.

If you do read those license terms, you will find that they are focused on providing you as the software user, the right to make use of our X-Pack features within some appropriate limitations. They do not seek to grant special additional rights or privileges to Elastic.
Note, this is not legal advice. You should read the terms for yourself, and then seek whatever legal advice you feel is necessary.

There is no obligation for you to register with us, and no way for us to know who is using Elasticsearch with X-Pack unless you sign up for a paid subscription or let us know in some other way, so we would have no way to use your company name for promotion activity.

If you wish to use X-Pack Basic on an earlier version of Elasticsearch, then the license terms will be different, and you should consult the license that applies to the version you are interested in using.


This is not correct.
X-Pack contains many features, some of which are available at no cost, with no time limit.
Other features required a paid subscription, but can be accessed as part of a free 30 day trial.

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Many thanks for the reply, I will try moving to 6.3 but just in case if I still need to continue with 6.2 then would Elasticsearch can use my company name for promotion?


Hello Tim,
Sorry to bother you again, but when I check the LICENSE.txt of Elasticsearch-6.2, it doesnt mention anything about the policy of using the user information for promotion. So, if you could direct me to the link which is explaining the policy for the user information, it would be great help.
As I mentioned, If Elasticsearch mentions my company name in the promotion activity then I will be in trouble unless I get the legal department approval.

https://www.elastic.co/legal/privacy-statement may also be relevant.

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