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Hi all,
I wanted to explore benefits of x-pack and downloaded the trial version (5.6.9 like my ELK products).
I'm not able to test a case where a user could only access a particular indice. The only thing that works is user with the superuser role.
Before going further, i just want to know wether the trial version permits me to implement such a case, because often, all facilities are not available in free versions.
Tnak you for your answer and help.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

The trial version provides access to all features. have you created a new role that specifically grants access to the index you mentioned? Have you assigned this to a new user (with the kibana_user role if you are using Kibana)? This blog post contains some example roles and users that might be useful.

(Dombey Patrick) #3

Thank you for your quick answer. I've created a user with kibana_user role and a specific role to access my indice and only this one. I even looked at several video démos :-).
As you said the trial version allow me to implement this case, i'm going to investigate more.

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