Zoom into trace/transaction time interval


is there any way to zoom into time interval within a single trace/transaction view? Let's say I want to zoom into the time interval of some particular span because it is relatively short with respect to the whole transaction duration and covers just a handful of pixels in the horizontal direction. But there is still interesting stuff happening in its child spans, so I'd like to zoom into it and investigate further.
This is a feature available in [Jaeger(https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/2304337/53524723-31754400-3aae-11e9-97a5-ee8aa1995e77.gif), but I was not able to find it in Kibana 7.17.5. It it possible to do it in this or some newer version? If not, is there some plan to add it?

thanks, Zbynek


You can definitely zoom in/out on a datapoint in Kibana and we released Kibana 8.5.3. I suspect you might find what you need with lens - Kibana Lens | Elastic


Hello Bhavya,

thanks for your reply. But I'm not sure if we understand each other. I don't need to zoom into a datapoint, but into the timeline of a trace.
See this elastic demo: sample trace.
If you scroll all the way down to the timeline view of the trace sample, I'd like to zoom into arbitrary time intervals of the timeline. Is this somehow possible?

thank you, Zbynek

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