100 Million B2B Contacts - Need Expert To Help Us Immediately

Hello Elastic Search World:

I have a B2B contact list of 100 million contacts. We need some help with same. It could turn into a full-time position for the right individual. While we are small and watching monies quite carefully, we can afford to pay up to $5,000 per month - paid $2,500 on the 1st and $2,500 on the 16th of each month via paypal to the right individual.

We have been keeping the data stored in FileMaker Pro and mysql. Filemaker primarily because I am not a programmer and it allows me to go through and continue to clean-up the database. Your role would be to take the 100 million contacts and further import them into our Elastic Search Engine/System. We had someone working on this project for six months and then he "found Jesus" and left the company to pursue the study of the Bible (I couldn't make this stuff up)

Our designers have built an interface that allows users the ability to query the data, send our personalized and customized eLetters and many other ways to use the data but we have one huge problem - that being - only 10 Million of the 100 Million are imported. Thus, the first task we would need to have you accomplish would be to import the .csv files we have. The next task would be to work with our designers and make sure the web interface they have designed works flawlessly with the elastic search tool.

I've purchased a Dell 256 GB of RAm, 6 500 GB Solid State Drives and 14 core Intel processor server we call " the spaceship" - we would provide you with access to this server as well as other rather high-end servers devoted to this task. Please send your CV, links to databases you have worked on - and other information that would better explain why this would be an ideal position for you.

www.ibackpack.co - www.daybreakdirect.com - doug monahan - doug.monahan@ibackpack.mobi - doug.monahan.20 = my skype - please ping me via skype if this is something that a) you can do, b) something you would enjoy and c) you would be able to join us right away to allow people to start accessing the verified data we have. Doug Monahan - 512.565.2524 is my mobile

We need to add a Director of Database Administration to our team.