400 Bad Request: Cannot set property 'status' of undefined


(Jean Meyer) #1

Hello everybody,

I'm sure we are not the only facing this issues. Marvel was working like a charm until now. For some unknown reason, we get the following error message:

Marvel: Error 400 Bad Request: Cannot set property 'status' of undefined

There is nothing helpful in the Elasticsearch logs. Our cluster health is green and we have enough disk and memory space on our servers.

Any help would be much much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you,


(Tim Sullivan) #2

Which page is this happening on?

Do you see this in other browsers as well, or after clearing history and website data from the browser?

Is there an error given in the Kibana logs when this happens?

(Jean Meyer) #3

Found the problem. It's because of the templating of Couchbase Replication plugin. I had to remove the template="*".

(Tim Sullivan) #4

Glad that the issue is resolved!

(system) #6