Marvel broke Elastic search?

I just installed Marvel and it completely broke ES, the service for ES just died. It says "Unable to connect to Elasticsearch at "IP:9200".
How do i fix this?

Hi Brandon -

Could you provide more details, such as logs? If you could also provide the steps that resulted in the phase you're in would be very helpful, as well. What version of ES/Marvel are you using?


Latest version of both (only downloaded it yesterday) and I literally followed the tutorial all the way to the end of the installation section. Then I tired to connect to kibana and that is where I get the error.
Here is a section of my es log file.

It looks like you may have existing plugins that are conflicting with the version you're trying to install, which is 2.3.3.

Could you run this and paste what you see there? Please change localhost:9200 in case you're using a different address and port number.

CURL -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_cat/plugins'


Hi Brandon,

I'm not sure how you actually got the marvel plugin installed because the plugin script should block it without the file that's noted as missing, but I expect that it was manually extracted into the plugins directory. You need to delete that plugin / directory.

$ cd ${ES_HOME}
$ rm -rf plugins/marvel

Plugins should only be installed using the plugin script. In the case of ES 2.3.3 and Marvel, it expects the Marvel Agent. Perhaps you found an older tutorial somewhere, but the latest instructions can be found here.

$ cd ${ES_HOME}
$ bin/plugin install marvel-agent

Note the -agent suffix. Once done, you should be able to restart ES and Marvel should be monitoring it. From there, you'll need to install the Kibana side of Marvel into Kibana. That is where the marvel plugin goes.

This is kind of an unnecessarily complicated install process and we realize that. With 5.0, we will introduce the concept of plugin packs, which will allow us to bundle an ES plugin and a Kibana plugin in one file/download. That will simplify and hopefully avoid a lot of this confusion.

Hope that helps