Not seeing Marvel "app switcher" in kibana

All I have a 4 node cluster, 1 master 3 data ES nodes. Kibana and ES is on the master.
I've installed the marvel license and plugins on all nodes and can see the marvel indexes being created but I cant see the marvel dashboard "app switcher" in kibana. All the logs look clean
Any suggestions?

marvel agent = /marvel-agent-2.3.5

/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch --version
Version: 2.3.5, Build: 90f439f/2016-07-27T10:36:52Z, JVM: 1.8.0_40

was kibana 4.53 --> now now kibana-4.5.4-1.x86 on Redhat Lilnux

Did you install the Marvel plugin in KB too?

Sorry what do you mean? KB=Kibana? if so Ho do I install that? I basically followed the docs (I think) - thanks for the reply

Oh, the docs aren't really clear on that.

bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/2.3.5.

That almost worked :slight_smile:

/opt/kibana/bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/2.3.5.
Installing marvel
Attempting to transfer from
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "No valid url specified."

ok had to drop off the last. I saw that was wrong from the beginning

very nice - thanks for the help! Can you provide the details on the "licensing" ... Ive read different things about that.

Thanks again

What details?

I dont know... I thought I read something about about the indexes not being able to be cleaned up of removed with a basic license...?

I just installed the basic a license and looks like its good for i year. I was just trying to get the definitive url for licensing - dosnt seem that clear the cost and support...Anyway Ill go basic for now - this is a poc.

Also wondering how can I get the cooler color schemes Ive seen. Mine are basic black and white graphs - nice but was hoping for something cooler. I couldn't find the setting in the marvel dashboard.


also, is it possible to get my kopf and head plugin to show up in the app switcher? That would be very handy. Currently Im using separate urls - the plugins are all installed on the same master node

You can find more on the licensing here -

Kopf and head are ES plugins, they are not KB ones